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 Message from Principal





Dear Parents and Guardians,


Warm greetings to you and I sincerely hope that this academic session 2015-16 turns out to be a stimulating and satisfying one for you and your children a year in which they find themselves growing physically, mentally and spiritually a year in which, with the guidance of us all here at school, they find their own ambitions and your plans for them fulfilled.


  Academic and Evaluation:-


Fulfillment of wishes is possible when one plans in advance and works constructively towards that goal. One of the main purposes of this communication is to enlighten you with regards to the plan we implement every year to ensure not just the smooth and successful functioning of the Vidyalaya but also to see that all round development of the children is being achieved so that they have sound minds in their sound bodies.

  The Vidyalaya is functioning in all earnestness with the enthusiastic participation of the students in all the varied activities. Unit test, class tests and Cumulative tests are used for the continuous and comprehensive evaluation of the students. All the Unit tests and other examinations follow a common schedule with centralized evaluation ie. the question papers are common to all the students of a Region.


We will lead, hold hand & guide your child... from darkness light